After seeing that drive poster of cop toku heroes. I’m just like GIMME A COP MOVIE!


Hey! I remember a while ago you made a post about people buying figmas from shops that overprice them instead of using different resellers that you didn't mention. I'm looking to preorder the new Pyramid head figma and I was wondering if you know of any sellers that aren't too expensive?

I didn’t mention them? That’s odd of me to do so I’ll rectify that now. The main places people go to for figmas and such are AmiAmi, HLJ, and HobbySearch. As for exclusives if you ever want any of those there’s Yokatta, and Nippon Yasan. Also for Wonfes Exclusives GSC sells the exclusives here after every Wonder Festival.

If you’re looking for Pyramid Head you can get him at AmiAmi, HLJ, or Hobbysearch but I’d recommend AmiAmi because of their discount. The link for him on AmiAmi is here.

So I ordered one of those 3AGO figures and I don’t understand something. Do they not charge you for shipping?



$10 says one of the girls who’ll sell terribly gets a figma before the P5 protag like Yukiko did before Yu.

S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Hibiki

Vul Eagle is up on AmiAmi. If you like Sentai BUY HIM.


These photos are rushed and awful.

I will try again later in the week.


Answering d-amazing toy challenge. My current top 6 favorite figures.

number1shadowfan said: Pit, venom, hibiki, groot? I have no clue of the other 2

Yep you got those right. The other two I probably made too vague.


Gai got a Coke today and…


Here’s my #6manteam for d-amazing's toy challenge.
Garo, X, Iron Man, Mikasa, Akane, Zangetsu Shin.


Not sure if d-amazing's 6 man team is still going, but here's my contribution.

Commander Shepard is genuinely the worst figure I’ve had the displeasure of posing.


After learning a lot of women collect the Queen’s Blade Revoltechs I’d honestly be interested in seeing how many buy figma Ryuko and Satsuki. 


S.H.Figuarts : Kamen Rider Black RX

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