So looks like BBTS got so many pre-orders for Windblade they can’t possibly fulfill every one of them. Kinda saw this coming from a mile away considering scalpers scalp every female character to hell and back.


Robo Rider


we love you tho <3

Thanks. I think I just need to stay off twitter. It seems to be filled with loads of shitty people and I often get way too mad about it.



Gotta love twitter. 

Why are people coming after you like that???

I replied to one of his tweets someone retweeted that were death threats and said I reported him. He proceeded to attack me personally for several more tweets. Pretty sure he’s banned now.

Gotta love twitter. 

If you like Sentai and Rider but buy every variant Figuart of Drive despite minimal differences and not Vul Eagle or Aka Ranger I will judge you forever.

Felt like taking some photos today. Still only crappy iphone pics but I thought I’d post them anyways.

Holy shit a custom Action Bastard!

So I messaged ToyStages yesterday about possible Power Rangers backdrops and they had this to say and I’m not entirely sure what to say back. There are tons of people who collect zords but I’m not entirely sure about figures and Figuarts. So I’m asking every PR fan who follows to give me their opinion before I message them back. If you want an example of what they do their site can be found here.


Toys and Cards 2 Kanto starters

One day Saban will adapt another Kamen Rider and it’ll be hilarious. Not because it’ll be poorly edited and have the budget of $2 but because American Kamen Rider fans will all gather around a huge fire throwing in all of their Rider merchandise screaming “IT’S OVER! THE FRANCHISE IS RUINED FOREVER!” while hugging each other and crying. It’ll be held right next to the annual Transformers “IT’S RUINED FOREVER!” fire.

SD Card slot doesn’t work anymore so I had to take a crappy iphone pic. Also it’s been forever since I’ve posed toys.


Random Compilation PT 6

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