Man Hibiki is gonna be my first Rider figuart in almost two years. I kinda just lost interest in Rider and jumped over to Sentai. Can’t say I regret it but I really should watch Hibiki’s series past episode 1 since I love his design.

So just a quick heads up. Next month I’m moving again so I probably wont post anything for possibly two weeks at most. I’ll be on twitter though via my phone.

So finished The Walking Dead Season One (the game) and all I ask is whoever that company is who’s making 1:6 scale Walking Dead figures please make Lee. I will gladly buy him if you make him.

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Took my Seacons to the beach.

nickerino said: I want to get a RoboCop figure, but I don't which one to get. Which one do you recommend?

If you have the cash I’d say the Hot Toys one, but besides that the NECA ones look better than the figma.

Anonymous said: NECA Cherno or Ryuuranger? I have access to both for 20 bucks and can't decide.

I haven’t found Cherno yet so I can’t really compare the two but Ryu Ranger came out last year and Cherno came out this year so you’ll probably have more chances to get Cherno later. A lot of people dislike Ryu Ranger for his shoulder covers but if you can look past that he’s pretty fun with all of his accessories. 

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tepidcartridge said: What do you think are the chances Kachidoki is gonna be a main release for Figuarts? Also whether or not he'll come with both forms of the DJ Gun.

Unless he has another form to be his final form it most likely will be a regular release since both Wizard and Fourze’s were and Gaim seems to be selling well enough to warrant it. As for his gun I’d hope so. Bandai is random with accessories so it’s hard to predict who will come with what. 

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d-amazing said: You’ll have about a month before she sells out.

kenjitron answered: Possible, a looot of people have been waiting for Stone Ocean to start, myself included :) Just preorder at HLJ so you can cancel if need be

Alright thanks you two.

Meant to post about this before but if any of my followers want to know where to pre-order some of those neato Tamashii Webshop exclusives go to Nippon-Yasan. You don’t have to pay upfront with them either like other middlemen services either.

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Man I’d like to pre-order SAS Stone Free but I’ve got enough for July as it is. Anyone think she’ll sell out since she’s a main character’s stand?